Antonio Hector & Inara

Becca Hector & Schmitt

A few years ago, a pair of New Yorkahs set off to Colorado with two dogs, 6 cats, and 2 snakes in tow. Some 3 days, and 2 Air BnB’s later, we arrived in Colorful Colorado. But, we didn’t feel at “home” until we found Bailey. We moved into our home and immediately never wanted to leave. In love with our town, and ever hopeful to make as few trips down the hill as possible, we knew opening a business in town was the right move for us. One dog business and global pandemic later, it felt like the right time to chase our dream, owning our food truck. Knowing we always love options up here, and what we missed from back East (the food), what to serve was as easy as hailing a cab on 7th Avenue…the Sammie.